Suzi’s China Grill

Suzi’s China Grill is an Austin institution;

know for fresh Chinese food. Opened in

January 1998. Suzi’s offers a delicious dining experience complete with Suzi’s smile. After an extensive building redesign, look for a new dining room and bar and an inviting outdoor dining patio. Serving lunch and dinner as well as Chinese take out.  

Suzi’s China Grill is known for signature dishes: sesame chicken, basil shrimp, tofu, dumplings, and the best chicken wings and egg-rolls in town. Along side a great bar with signature cocktails, a great kids menu and training chopsticks for the little ones…or just l earning for all ages. 


Fresh Ingredients.

Fast and Friendly Service


Amazing Variety.

Excellent and Yummy!


Suzi treats you like family.